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Why should you attend a Catholic retreat? More importantly, why should your parish hold a yearly event such as a retreat, mission, or conference with Deacon Wally? These events are an important step in your faith journey and that of your parish community to be a faith filled community of disciples for and in love with Christ! It is by living a Sacramental Life, meaning through our baptism, we are called to be disciples; through our Confirmation we are completely sealed and filled with the wonderful Gifts of the Holy Spirit; through our weekly reception of Eucharist, where we are called to a conversion of our heart, mind, and very being. These wonderful experiences given to us from God through the Sacraments are aided by excellent Catholic Retreats and Missions.


Being Catholic means making our connection between our faith that we learn and our lived experience. Implementing our faith into our very being daily! This is exactly what a Catholic retreat or event with Deacon Wally is designed to do!


Many Catholics, myself included, often describe an authentic and meaningful Catholic retreat or event that enabled and awakened them to deepen their spiritual commitment. Deacon Wally is EXTREMELY passionate about presenting a life-changing Catholic retreat or event that will help you to see yourself, your life, society, your relationships, and your faith in a whole new way. At the core of Deacon Wally’s Catholic retreats and events is his desire to meet you where YOU ARE… and assist you by leading you to where God is calling you to be.


Are you ready? If so, prepare yourself for an experience, a Catholic experience, unlike any other!


If you do not see an event close to you, INVITE Deacon Wally to your parish!

Request an Event

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible so we can best serve you. Lindy Meyer, Event Manager, will be in touch with you very soon to visit about your request.

Thanks for requesting information about an event with Deacon Wally. We will be in touch very soon!

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