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"Living a Catholic and Moral Life" brings many of the teachings of the Catholic faith to the reader to assist them with various struggles in the 21st Century. Many young Catholics find difficulty defending the faith, this booklet presents to the reader techniques with developing basic moral arguments, presenting and having dialog in charity, and living a life while keeping to the Catholic faith. This booklet could be utilized in the parish with confirmation classes, RCIA, adult faith formation as well as personal spiritual growth.

There is a great deal of information contained in this small booklet. This booklet may be helpful to present the information contained here as part of the parish CCD or faith formation classes or RCIA class. This booklet may help them answer for themselves the question, "What does it mean to be confirmed in the Catholic Church?"

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How much do you know about the Apostles? This 5 Star favorite book by Deacon Calabrese will demonstrate how similar you are to these men and one extraordinary lady!

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