Conference / Retreat Topics

There are so many great presenters out there who provide awesome retreats and talks about Catholicism and of course the teachings of our Catholic faith with clarity and in total fidelity with the teaching of the Catholic Church. So why should you choose Deacon Wally? He will tailor each of his talks to your specific needs and help reignite your love of Christ again. Deacon Wally will do everything possible to energize your Catholic community, your retreat, or your event! These events, and others are important because they are designed with our common goal to bring us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. If you would like Deacon Wally to present at a conference, workshop, or retreat; please go to the contact me form in the header where we can also discuss prices and travel costs.

If you are interested in a topic that is not listed below, contact Deacon Wally and he will let you know if he has material for the topic of your choice!  ​

Confirmed and Ready!

This presentation reviews what it means when we profess our belief and we are confirmed in our faith. What are our responsibilities? How can I grow? What more can I do to live my faith as a confirmed man or woman?

Marriage in the Catholic Church!

What does it mean to have a healthy and loving relationship? How does the marriage improve? How can our love grow more with each year? How do we grow as a Catholic couple? What does that really mean? These questions and more are explained to energize what we believe is the Sacrament of Marriage.

Living a Catholic and Moral Life!

Why does it seem that society is often against the teaching of the Catholic faith? Why are we, as Catholics, often challenged and more importantly, how do we respond? What does the Church teach? How can I really live by the teachings of the Church? We can live so free and at the same time improving and growing our Love for our Lord.

Why the Mass is so much MORE!

Ever think the Mass is boring? Why? Do you really understand what is happening during the Mass? How you participate is important! Do you want to know more about the Mass and be energized each and every Mass you attend?

What does it mean, to serve?

You've heard it, I know you have! Jesus came to serve not to be served! How does this relate to us? How can I be like Him, the King of Kings, who is also the servant of all?

Catholic Families and Living the Catholic Faith

This presentation brings together the Sacrament of Marriage and raising children Catholic. However, this particular topic goes deeper into the family relationship with the tough questions and ideas posed by society. How do we find strength? Where can we find resources to help?

The Apostles and Me!

Have you ever wondered why these men? Have you ever considered how much you and I are just like them? Have you ever considered how these ordinary men lived extraordinary lives? Moreover how we too are called to live this extraordinary life!

Why Catholicism? There really is no other choice!

Our faith is filled with so much history and tradition. We are the only Christian faith that can trace its roots directly to the apostles and Christ himself! Why would anyone want to leave this wonderful faith? Are people really upset with being Catholic or are they upset with something that isn't part of the Catholic faith?

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