Confirmed and Ready!

There is a great deal of information contained in this small booklet. This booklet may be helpful to present the information contained here as part of the parish CCD or faith formation classes or RCIA class. This booklet may help them answer for themselves the question, "What does it mean to be confirmed in the Catholic Church?"


The Apostles and Me

Twelve, Well Really Fifteen Ordinary Men, And One Extraordinary Lady

How much do I really know of these men called the Apostles? I've heard about them while attending Mass, but do I really know them? Are they really that much different than me? What issues or weaknesses did they have that I can relate too? Did they doubt? Did they worry? Can I really be like them? Should I really be like them? How can I relate to these men not of legend of old but as true men whom I should emulate my life after? Did they have the same mistakes as me? Can I really be extraordinary? As we come to know these twelve, well really fifteen men we will understand where they come from and more importantly how they influence our daily life as a Catholic. As a Catholic, we all should rely upon these men that I personally like to relate to as superheros to model my life after. These men, and Mary the Mother of Jesus, are so important to our faith journey and at the same time we come to know them in a very real, personal and extraordinary way. This book uses some of my personal examples which literally allowed that relationship to happen between them and me to become very real, personal and extraordinary! These men are not only my superheros, they feel like they are my family!

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My hope is to have, "Living My Catholic Faith and Loving Every Minute Of It!" to the publisher by January or February 2022 and available for you in time for Easter in April  2022. This book provides a look at the domestic church and living the Catholic Faith!

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